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If You Dislike Kids, You Should Support the American Health Care Act


In A Rush?

  • The American Health Care Act (AHCA) or “Trumpcare” (lol) is a threat to Medicaid.
  • Over 35 million children nationally depend on Medicaid for insurance.
  • If you support the AHCA, you dislike children. Simple transitive property logic.

Anyway Sean Spicer spins it, health insurance premiums have steadily been climbing over the past decade, even before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I know, that’s an inconvenient reality. Rising healthcare premiums are likely a blended mess of rising healthcare industry costs, poor marketplace design, insufficient young, healthy enrollees, and some other variables from this convoluted site.

Yet, somehow, the proposed solution addresses none of these and instead targets the vulnerable, especially children. The latest house proposal cuts $370 billion of medicaid funding over the next ten years and this provision may be enacted as soon as January 2018.

As we stand, about 95 percent of children have health insurance. This epic victory is mostly thanks to Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Over 35 million children depend on medicaid for health insurance. Now someone explain to me why knifing medicaid is a proposed solution for any problem? I’d expect the GOP-groupies to throw in the towel and just support whatever “Trumpcare” entails but everyone should understand this plan would do harm to our children than good. Check out the American Academy of Pediatric’s statement if you’re curious how pediatricians feel.

Even though I practice in New York City, I’m going to chat about Arizona, my confusing home state. If you listened to any healthcare debate during the election, you likely heard the famous war-cry that premiums in Arizona were “Increasing. Over. One. Hundred. Six. Teen. Per. Cent.” Yeah, again this is generalizing national data and it doesn’t justify the heavy medicaid cut. The same state with the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the playoff-cursed Phoenix Suns, and the birthplace of Cold Stone Creamery is also poised to see a huge loss in preventive pediatric care if Trumpcare comes to town. The fixation of rising premiums clouded everyone’s vision.

I could sing a sappy, altruistic song to defend children but I’m going to be rational and flat out say that Medicaid helps children become healthier, more-productive, tax-paying adults. Do the haters need proof?

About 650,000 children in Arizona get health insurance from Medicaid and they ALSO ARE:

  • Reducing their risk of developing adult-onset hypertension, which costs us over $40 billion annually.
  • Visiting emergency rooms and getting hospitalized LESS in adulthood.
  • Less likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or smoke/vape/eat/clam-bake/etc marijuana.
  • Less likely to engage in high-risk sexual behavior.
  • Taking up only 20% of Medicaid costs yet make up almost 50% of the beneficiaries.
  • Eligible for coverage in the event of a special health need or disability.

Ok now explain to me, again, why per capita caps and subsequent hindered medicaid funding is even remotely a good idea? Are we once again taking the politician’s word simply based on fear and finger-pointing to O-care? Come at me bro.

Medicaid was established long before Obamacare, via the social security act of 1965 and endangering it is akin to telling American’s children you no longer love them. Health reform should aim to do no harm, improve health, and put families first. Raise a fist and speak out again defunding Medicaid.

Defender of children, out.


What’s My Point?

Premiums are rising and our healthcare industry, combined with a horrendous insurance marketplace, and uninsured young, healthy individuals are largely the cause. Cutting Medicaid solves none of these and may cause overwhelming harm to health of our children. We’re set to lose more than we feared if we don’t rise up.  

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