Trump Trumpkins part of Obamacare

Trump Should Keep Parts of Obamacare. Calm Down Trumpkins.


In A Rush?

  • I honestly wonder how many people really know the difference between the “Affordable Care Act” and “Obamacare”. (If you don’t get this joke…)
  • Obamacare isn’t perfect but it protects millions of Americans and should be REVISED not REPEALED.
  • 94% of Americans don’t understand healthcare policy so they need to hush a bit. There’s also a 74% chance I made this statistic up but you get my point.

Folks – we’re going to abolish Obamacare

And we’re going to replace it with something terrific

Oh, the famous Trump rally war cry. I have no idea where “terrific” comes from because Team Trump never really put up clear health policies. Even the campaign site is all promises with no plan. Healthcare is not a New Jersey casino or some Trump tie sitting in the Macy’s 60%-off sale rack.

Needless to say, I am not surprised he is slowly admitting he doesn’t know #@$! about healthcare and may keep some of the provisions of Obamacare. (I bet he winds up keeping a lot more) Young folks need to stay on their parents plan and those with preexisting conditions need special protection – there’s little arguing this.

But do we need to modify Obamacare a tad? Can do this and still drop premiums? Absolutely.

Meanwhile, all I keep hearing is: “Trump promised to get rid of Obamacare and now he’s not.” Well newsflash, you elected a politician and he said it to get elected. Come to grips and then read up on the reasons why the Affordable Care Act needs to be modified – not repealed.

Millions of Americans Depend on It

About 20 million Americans, including hoards of Trumpites, get coverage from Obamacare. Light bulb. If you were to just axe it now, you’ll create way more problems than prior.

What’s more is Obamacare plans cover a specific group of docs and hospitals, so abrupt changes may create a royal pain for many folks needing specialty care. Have fun driving 120 miles for an appointment. Try reading a bit on folks that once had trouble getting insurance because of chronic health conditions and you may learn to replace the word “repeal” with “reform.”


More Young Folks Need To Sign Up

Trumpkins, if you want to start driving down insurance costs go get more young folks signed up to offset costs.

Remind 19-year-olds they can hang out on their parent’s plans until age 26. And if their parents hate them, they may still qualify for a plan that is <$100 per month, be exempt from certain fees, and be guaranteed certain health benefits. Examples of this include contraceptives and sexually transmitted disease screenings. If we lose THAT, you’ll miss Obamacare more than 90’s television.

Lastly, do my young homies realize that Obamacare supports a Medicaid expansion that can help close the insurance gap? If get this rolled out on the state level, even young folks that STILL can’t get an Obamacare plan, can still get covered. Winning.

“STARVING THE BEAST” is a stupid idea hidden behind a cool phrase

Wait what does this even mean? I know it’s a sexy catch phrase that sounds like a scene from the Director’s Cut of Beauty and the Beast, but “starving the beast” or defunding the ACA, will create an even greater mess in healthcare.


Right now, insurance companies are required to cut low-income customers a break and the government helps them out with subsidies. Take away those subsidies and we have a problem you can learn about in economics 101.

The supply and demand curve will smack Americans in the face like the price of Cronut in the West Village. Insurance companies will pack up their bags or risk bankruptcy. The one’s left will have a much easier time squeezing pennies from us.

It’s NOT all Obamacare’s fault 

And – drum roll – the root of the problem lies in exorbitant and healthcare costs and unhealthy ‘Merican living. A 2015 report from consulting firm McKinsey & Co, showed that insurance companies lost $2.7 billion dollars on the market because they underestimated health costs. Now wrap your head around this: Patients in top 5 percent of health care spending account for 49 percent of health care expenditures. This sounds like a quote from Anchorman, but it basically states that complicated patients spend loads of healthcare dollars! We need to “Make America Skinny Again.”

We need to do our part to exercise, quit smoking, eat healthier, and fight chronic disease while someone, anyone, helps drive down the costs of the healthcare industry and puts a cap on pharmaceuticals.

In short, American’s are sick and health services are a total rip-off. You agree? Congratulations, you know also realize it’s not all Obamacare’s fault.

So calm down and be excited that this bizarro president-elect may take some advice not completely mess up our healthcare system.

What’s My Point?

Trump’s followers fell for the promise of a simple healthcare solution and should now realize that parts of Obamacare need to stay put. It’s far from a perfect system but some of the key provisions help millions of Americans. If you wanna go deep, we can watch free-market or single-payer models later. Until then, eat an apple and calm down.