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The Vaccine Superhero: A Handout for Kids. Finally.

Even if you don’t feel like reading this, print this out and share it with everyone and anyone: https://stchealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/11×8.5_Vaccine_SH-1.pdf One noteworthy line is in the small print: Millions of children get shots every year – for good reason – but not enough children understand why. Children get over their needle phobia...
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Quotes From Angry Patients Who Think They’re VIPs.

“Putting Patients First” is an obvious slogan of many healthcare institutions. But there seems to be a slight disconnect between some patients and healthcare providers on what that phrase means. Simply put, doctors and nurses should “put patients first” by ensuring care is safe, equitable, evidence-based, timely, efficient, and patient centered....
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Abortion Rights and Zika Virus: 5 Reasons to Chat About it

Abortion beliefs and decisions involve personal, medical, socioeconomic, and religious variables. How can we stamp reproductive rights with a “one-size fits all” rule? With that (looking at you Marco Rubio), I give you five reasons why we need an open chat about abortion restrictions and Zika-related microcephaly. Our Policymakers Have No...
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A Puppy Talked To Me About Vaccines

I decided to get a puppy’s opinion about vaccines. Time for a fresh view. Vaccination regulation is shaping up to be our generation’s great public health debate. Vaccines save lives, billions of healthcare dollars, and are overall safe. But many still oppose vaccine requirements because of diseases they’ve never encountered....
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Arianna Huffington Told Me to Nap. Kids Taught Me How.

Arianna Huffington’s new book, “The Sleep Revolution,” should inspire everyone to get some serious shut-eye, especially doctors. We’re awful at sleeping. Sleep insufficiency is rampant in medicine and a complex solution is needed. I prefer a simple solution so I turned to my pediatric population and learned their secret –...
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Do Patients LIE to their Doctors?!

April fools is here and everyone has a get-out-of-jail-free card for the most inventive lie. Aside from the holiday of hoax, most people lie on occasion to avoid consequences or spare another person’s feelings. But your doctor will tell you that fibbing may be harmful to your health. While many...
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Bruce Lee was My First Medical School Professor

I recently had a riveting debate with a software engineer in Silicon Valley about whether or not, the IBM Watson supercomputer could, one day, diagnose medical diseases better than doctors. While many algorithm-gurus are believers, most physicians, including myself, are not. “Why do you think that Dr. Patel? Computers can analyze mountains of data faster...
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Pull a Zuckerberg and Post Vaccination Pics of YOUR Kids.

2 days ago, Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a picture that will hopefully spark an epic social movement. If you haven’t already, check out the original post and read the comments… The anti-vaccine community uses digital content to spread fear, anecdotes, and mistrust of anything you can’t buy at a farmer’s market. They also like...
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The Gun Debate From The Eyes of Children

Watch a gun debate and you’ll see a fiery offense on the Left versus a brick wall on the Right. With every horrific mass shooting or inner city homicide, comes another plea for gun restrictions, which is met by gun lobbyists downplaying the statistics and shouting about infringements on our constitutional...
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